Because You Asked

Forum clients are fully invested in their financial future. So, they ask some thoughtful questions.
Even better, Forum advisors have some pretty good answers.

Q. Why shouldn’t I just use index funds?

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Q. I read that Illinois has added financial literacy to its state standards. What does that mean?

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Q. Should I be doing something different with my portfolio depending on whether the stock market is setting new highs or experiencing a downturn?

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Q. What is happening with bonds and the recent higher interest rates?

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Q. How important is it for me to have a property power of attorney in place?

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Q. How much should we set aside as an emergency savings fund?

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Q. What practical steps do you outline with investors over age 50 who are worried they haven’t saved enough for retirement?

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Q. I’m approaching age 62. Since I will soon be eligible to take Social Security benefits, should I go ahead and claim?

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Q. How much should I withdraw from my portfolio each month after I retire if I want the money to last as long as I do?

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Q. I’ve been thinking lately that maybe we should start tracking our net worth. What do you suggest?

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Q. I feel like some of my money should be invested in stocks with intelligence, not just diversified. Why shouldn’t we do that?

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Q. What kind of support is available for caregivers of individuals with special needs?

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