Featured Article: What College Could Cost for the Class of 2040

Published 05/10/2019

As co-founder of the college counseling service Edmit, Nick Ducoff has been focusing on higher education costs since he served as Vice President of New Ventures at Northeastern University.

In his May 3 Barron’s article, Nick contemplates what college could cost in 2036 by considering different perspectives from that of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Forum’s co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia, described in the article simply as “a financial planner.”

Nick offered this conclusion when estimating the cost of college for the class of 2040: “If we assign equal probabilities to the five different scenarios laid out here, from tuition continuing to outpace inflation at 5% a year, to it becoming free, to it becoming comparable to current online degrees, to it becoming privatized, and to it remaining the same as it is today, the expected cost will be $145,000 in 2036. New parents should rejoice, as that number, adjusted for inflation, is less than what many students are paying today.”

Read the Barron’s Article: “How Much Will College Cost in 17 Years?” (may only be available as preview content for non-subscribers)


About Edmit

Edmit’s mission is to “create greater price and value transparency in higher education, reducing debt and improving outcomes for students and their families.” The Edmit algorithm compares colleges by using a variety of data to produce tuition estimates based on college characteristics and individual student data. For more information, visit www.Edmit.Me or follow @EdmitEDU on Twitter. 

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