Markets and Presidential Elections

Published 11/04/2016

In July, we posted a commentary on markets and presidential elections. With Election Day 2016 fast approaching on November 8, what follows is an excerpt from that article.

Originally posted on on July 18

While some people might find themselves seeking distance from the drama of political rhetoric, others will be captivated and inspired to vote for the first time. As investors, what conclusions should we draw from all that we see now and going forward?

Instead of attempting to predict outcomes from historical data, we can regard it as what it is: information. Just as with other widely known information, market expectations associated with election outcomes are already reflected in prices. Nonetheless, the returns during and after election years provide an interesting look at presidential terms from a market perspective.

Thus, we present that data for the S&P 500 Index, the MSCI EAFE Index and U.S. bonds (as proxied by Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index). For these election periods, there do not appear to be systematic return patterns associated with either the election of a Democratic or Republican candidate.

Even further, this data indicates that the market does not hold bias for or against any political affiliation and it has not had greater regard for either elected party. While the average historical returns shown for the year of the election and the subsequent year were positive, this does not tell us how the market will react to the outcome of the election in November, knowing that other economic factors also play a role in how each year ends.























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