Business Owners

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We act as your personal CFO;
We focus on you so you can focus on your business.

Having built and sold successful businesses ourselves, we know that competing in business frequently requires your full attention. How often do you leave things un-done within your personal finances because your business demands all of your immediate attention?

If you are like many of our clients, Forum can take on many of the daily and monthly tasks that would otherwise not get done, like monitoring and rebalancing the fund allocation across all your accounts or raising cash to cover a check you plan to write.

We have helped other business owners like you by:

  • Communicating across your professional team including your accountants, attorneys and insurance providers;
  • Evaluating alternatives for your company's profit sharing, cash balance and 401k plans;
  • Structuring business transactions to protect yourself or benefit your heirs;
  • Setting up appropriate trusts and entities for asset protection or transferring your wealth;
  • Advising whether to re-finance your residence, or whether to rent or buy a vacation home;
  • Coming up with creative solutions like using net unrealized appreciation for lump sum distributions;
  • Looking at the cost and benefit of rolling over your pension assets to an IRA;
  • Aggregating personal accounts to simplify your life and show you the complete picture of your personal finances;
  • Analyzing the best strategy for claiming Social Security as you approach retirement age.