Retirement Income

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We act as your experienced guide along an uncertain path
by creating a plan of action and updating that plan along the way.

The looming question for many people when they consider investments is, "Will I have enough money to support my family in retirement?" This question seems daunting because it hinges upon certain unknowable facts about our future, such as how healthy we will be in our later years and how much financial markets will contribute to growing our nest egg.

While an advisor cannot answer these questions about the future by looking into a crystal ball, we can help our clients consider the likelihood of different outcomes and make smart decisions today.

We have helped other retirees or future retirees like you by:

  • Clearly outlining your personal financial picture by accounting for both your assets and financial goals;
  • Setting up appropriate trusts and entities for asset protection or transferring your wealth;
  • Looking at the cost and benefit of rolling over your pension assets to an IRA;
  • Analyzing the best strategy for filing for Social Security as you approach retirement age;
  • Advising whether to re-finance your residence, or whether to rent or buy a vacation home.