Social Security Analysis

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We analyze alternative claiming strategies so you can make smart financial choices.

One of the most important decisions you face as you approach retirement is when to start receiving social security benefits for you and your spouse. While you may retire at age 62, claiming Social Security benefits at age 62 often is not the best choice. The age at which you claim benefits impacts the benefits you and your spouse will receive for the rest of your lives.

An experienced guide can make the various factors involved in Social Security decisions more manageable. We can incorporate your Social Security benefits into an overall retirement income plan, which often makes a material difference in the amount of income available to you in retirement.

We have helped other people approaching retirement by:

  • Considering the impact of factors like your health, life expectancy, income needs and retirement date;
  • Presenting the benefits and trade-offs associated with different claiming strategies;
  • Thinking through how these decisions might impact your spouse or heirs;
  • Helping you decide which strategy to use in the context of your current income needs and desire to maximize long-term income.