Special Needs

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Every person deserves to live life to his or her fullest potential;
We enable people with special needs and their families to make this happen.

One of our partners, Mary Anne Ehlert, had a successful career in the financial industry when she decided to act on her lifelong desire to specialize in serving the families of people with special needs. The source of her inspiration was very dear to her heart. Mary Anne herself had come from such a family. Her younger sister, Marcia, to whom she felt especially close, suffered severe mental handicaps due to cerebral palsy. Although their parents were naturally determined that Marcia should get the best possible care, they had also been understandably confused how best to plan and provide for her future.

Like many families in such circumstances, they were particularly fearful of doing anything while they were alive that might jeopardize Marcia's right to benefits she would need when they had passed away. So the first special needs family Mary Anne provided with vital information and guidance was her own. Although Mary Anne's sister Marcia passed away at the age of 39, her inspiration lives on in the important work that we do.

We have helped people with a disability and their families by:

  • Helping those with special needs attain greater independence and security;
  • Avoiding decisions that may inadvertently lose important benefits they are entitled to and likely need;
  • Bringing peace of mind to those in a position of care by setting up a permanent care plan;
  • Directing you to resources like architects, attorneys or realtors who are specially trained to help make a fuller life possible.