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Ready for Retirement? Planning Looks Very Different After Age 50


In this Q&A, Forum Advisor John Vires discusses the distinct planning challenges and opportunities for investors in their 50s who are starting to worry if they have saved enough for retirement and what they should be doing now to secure their future.

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Nicole Campbell Obtains Her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certification


Forum Advisor Nicole Campbell has obtained the distinguished CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. Nicole completed the CFP® certification process in April.

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The Positive Impact of Student Financial Literacy Transcends the Classroom


To recognize Financial Literacy Month, Forum spoke to Principal Teresa Chrobak-Prince at Phoebe A. Hearst Fine Arts Magnet School. An educator with Chicago Public Schools for more than 25 years, Principal Chrobak-Prince’s leadership philosophy is based on a commitment to student-centered learning. Hearst recently attained the highest school rating reaching Level 1+.

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Seeing the Benefits of Saving in a New Light


Our latest video looks at the benefits of saving in a new light. “Save the Day” was made specifically for investors who are just starting out on their financial journey by Forum Future, our program to help new investors prepare for early financial milestones and plan for long-term goals. We thought it was only fitting to share the video during Financial Literacy Month.

Watch “Save the Day”

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Ms. Poczik’s Students Know That Saving for the Future Is the Right Thing to Do


To celebrate Financial Literacy Month, we spoke with Ms. Christine Poczik, second-grade teacher at Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School. With more than 12 years teaching in Chicago Public Schools, Ms. Poczik has been working with Climb to Safety’s financial literacy program since 2015. 

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At Bell School, First Graders Are Already Planning for College


To celebrate Financial Literacy Month, we spoke with Ms. Emilie Kaim, first-grade teacher at Chicago Public School’s Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School. Ms. Kaim has championed the Climb to Safety program since its inception. The class was piloted in her room and she advocated for its inclusion at Bell with the principal. This year marks her 27th year teaching first grade at Bell with 27 students participating in Ms. Kaim’s financial literacy class.

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