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Financial Planning During COVID-19

Recent economic and health-related events are driving conversations and decisions that require a renewed emphasis on planning. A good financial plan provides framework and peace of mind, even during periods of market turmoil and personal stress.

Boosting Your Tax-Advantaged Savings With a Mega Backdoor Roth

For those whose company-sponsored 401(k) or 403(b) plan meet two key conditions, a mega backdoor Roth could allow additional savings each year in highly tax-advantaged Roth IRA assets beyond the normal employee contribution limit capitalizing on the benefits of asset location.

Diversification Drives Higher Expected Returns, Not Just Less Risk

The goal of a well-constructed portfolio is to maximize returns for the lowest amount of risk. The benefit of diversification has mostly been researched as a risk story, but there is a very important return benefit as well.

Chris Lamia Featured in San Fernando Valley Business Journal

In this Q&A, Chris elaborates on his comments from his San Fernando Valley Business Journal interview and shares how he has been helping clients during this market downturn. Chris and his team are based in Thousand Oaks, California.

Charitable Giving in the Midst of a Pandemic: What You Can Do in 2020

Forum Advisor Juan Ros shares how thinking creatively about charitable giving can lead to new and inventive ways to maintain our philanthropy and provide help to those who need it.

Re-Evaluating Your Financial Plan After a Market Downturn

Market volatility, especially the rapid price drops that we have seen in the first quarter of 2020, can be unsettling. Having a long-term financial plan and an advisor to act as a coach through these times can help balance emotions and ensure investors take the right steps for their long-term well-being.

Karma Forrestal Featured on Dimensional Perspectives

Forum Partner Karma Forrestal shares how she is advising clients through this global pandemic in this recent feature with Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Staying Connected While Social Distancing

With the need to move to remote environments, businesses and schools swiftly transitioned to an online world. Read more on how individuals are spending their time and staying connected while social distancing.

Planning Ideas Around Retirement Accounts

Several new planning opportunities have been created by the CARES Act and the SECURE Act. Forum reviews planning opportunities regarding required minimum distributions and Roth conversions.

Balanced Perspective in Uncertain Times

Financial markets experienced frequent volatility this quarter. Stock prices will fluctuate but volatility associated with the coronavirus should not dictate a change in course.

How the CARES Act Might Benefit You

The U.S. government signed into law the largest economic stimulus bill in our country’s history in response to the effects of the coronavirus. We distilled the CARES Act into a digestible format, so you can read about what is applicable to your personal situation.

An Example of Why We Are Staying Invested in Value Stocks

In the interest of reminding ourselves why we stay invested in stocks and specifically within value stocks during this financial crisis, we depart from our usual market-level commentary and dig into a specific example of one stock held by the funds in our portfolios.

A Letter to Our Retirees During This Crisis

Our advisors have worked through downturns with many clients in the past. The future is never certain but putting a plan in place for what you will do can give you confidence to weather this and any market decline.

We Are All in This Together

For all the questions that remain regarding the coronavirus, one thing is certain: It is possible for each of us to make a difference to help our families, our communities, our economy and our world.

Forum Moves to Remote Work Environment

Regarding our daily operations, we feel that it is important that we do our part to protect our associates across the country while ensuring that business operations continue uninterrupted. To that end, Forum has moved to a fully remote work environment.

Market Returns Following Downturns

When we consider the historical performance of the U.S. stock market, the data tells us that the greatest rewards to investors have often come after the largest declines, but it requires investors to remain invested through some very difficult times to attain them.

Perspective on Global Market Volatility

It can be distressing to see this level of volatility in the market. In these times, it is helpful to recall that we have experienced other turbulent markets in the past.

The Coronavirus and Global Financial Market Volatility

Uncertainty about the coronavirus and its containment and treatment have caused concern around the world. These concerns have injected volatility into the global financial markets.

Retirement Readiness: After the Last Paycheck

To enjoy the rest of your life on your terms, you need a thoughtfully crafted plan that establishes your financial goals as a retiree. Forum Advisor Steve Martin outlines essential planning considerations for those nearing or already enjoying retirement.

The Impact of the SECURE Act

In December 2019, the SECURE Act was passed into law. Some aspects of the SECURE Act are expected to have a major impact on retirement planning and savings. In this article, Forum co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia reviews some of the most significant portions of the Act.

Estate Planning Considerations

This article features six estate planning strategies to consider in 2020 from Forum Partner Mary Pat Wesche and Forum Partner Norbert Mindel.

Forum Spirit of Giving Supports Nine Organizations in 2019

Through the Forum Spirit of Giving initiative, Forum supports nine organizations spanning health and wellness, education and community outreach.

Edmit’s New Book on Paying for College Features Nirav Batavia

In their new book, Better Off After College, Sabrina Manville and Nick Ducoff review college costs, financial aid and the process of deciding which admissions offer to accept. The book also features comments on saving for college from Forum co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia.

Deciding Where to Apply, When to Accept and How to Afford College: A Q&A With Sabrina Manville

In this Q&A, Sabrina addresses how parents and students can make smart college choices and what to consider before accepting an offer from a college or university.