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Staying Invested for the Long Term

Investing for the long term is often compared to running a marathon. Disciplined runners do not abandon the course after a single bad stretch just as so many investors have achieved their financial goals by being globally diversified despite short-term fluctuations.

Spirit of Giving: Four Organizations That Strengthen Our Community

Forum is proud to support the following organizations. Their commitment to helping others strengthens our community.

Contribution Limit Increases for Retirement Plans in 2019

The IRS has announced cost-of-living adjustments that will raise the limits on contributions that individuals are permitted to make to qualified retirement plans. In this article, Forum Advisor Vince Nardi highlights various contribution limit increases and traditional IRA income cutoffs for 2019.

Forum co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia Discusses Market Volatility and Brexit on TD Ameritrade Network

Forum co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia was featured on “Market On Close” on TD Ameritrade Network on November 14.

Boosting Your Financial Security With a Health Savings Account

Many people know the basics about how a 401(k), IRA and Roth IRA can benefit them in saving for the future but there is another account that isn’t as widely known with more tax benefits than any other retirement account.

The type of account in question is a Health Savings Account (HSA). In this article, Forum Advisor Dan Drallmeier, CFP® explains how HSAs work, including how to maximize such accounts for the future by turning one into a “medical piggy bank.”

Diversification: Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice

The benefits of diversification are clear. However, when we are living through years when diversification feels bad, it is much harder to remember to focus on the big picture and resist the temptation to try something different. Diversification and discipline are easy in theory, difficult in practice.

Meghan Nolan Obtains Her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certification

Forum Advisor Meghan Nolan has obtained the distinguished CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification.

Realistically Navigating Youth Travel Sports for Families

Devoting time and money to youth travel sports is a sacrifice where short-term and long-term trade-offs are made. Forum Advisor Nicole Campbell offers her insights on how to realistically navigate youth travel sports.

From the Desk of Norm Mindel: Forum Named an Elite Firm by the Financial Times

Forum Financial Management was founded more than 15 years ago with the idea of creating something extraordinary.

Special Olympics 50th Anniversary Celebration

On July 21, Special Olympics celebrated its 50th anniversary at Soldier Field in Chicago

Forum Partner Mary Pat Wesche Named Treasurer of NAWBO Chicago

Forum Partner Mary Pat Wesche has been named Treasurer of the Chicago Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

Second-Quarter Summary: No One Likes a Cliffhanger

Investors and moviegoers may not have a lot in common, but there is one thing upon which most everyone can agree: No one likes a cliffhanger.

Forum Appears in the Top 100 on the 2018 Financial Advisor RIA Ranking

Forum Financial Management, LP appears in the Top 100 on the 2018 Financial Advisor RIA Ranking.

Forum Named to the 2018 Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers

Forum Financial Management, LP has been named to the 2018 Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers. 

Market Timing Does Not Work

Being out of the market on a few important days can have an outsized impact on performance. See the chart.

Forum co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia Discusses Interest Rates, the Fed, Tariffs and Markets on TD Ameritrade Network

Forum co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia was featured on “Market On Close” on TD Ameritrade Network on May 31.

School of Hard Knocks Investing: A Podcast Series with Norm Mindel and Dave Goetsch

In this podcast, Dave Goetsch, co-executive producer of “The Big Bang Theory,” and Norm Mindel discuss some of the incredible things that happened way back when on Wall Street.

Teens + Money: 20 Tips That Lead to Good Financial Habits for a Lifetime

Following are 20 tips that lead to good financial habits for teens age 14 to 18. Divided into five personal finance categories, one suggestion applies to all of them: Give plenty of opportunities to learn about money, experiment with spending and appreciate saving. 

Nirav Batavia Featured on Edmit.Me on Saving for College with a 529 Plan

Forum co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia was featured on Edmit’s 120 blog on April 12. In “Saving for College? Start With a 529 Plan,” Nirav explains why parents should strongly consider using a 529 plan to save for college expenses and discusses how to get started choosing an appropriate plan.

Perspective On Recent Market Volatility

Long-term investors know that periods of volatility will occur every so often, just as airline passengers recognize that turbulence can disrupt an otherwise routine flight. Since the beginning of the year, there has been an increase in volatility in the U.S. stock market.

Jonathan Rogers Featured in CBS Chicago News Segment on Wise Ways to Spend a Tax Refund

On April 6, Forum co-Managing Partner Jonathan Rogers spoke to CBS 2 Chicago Reporter Dorothy Tucker about prudent ways to spend a tax refund.

Forum Celebrates Financial Literacy Month With Student Gallery

Forum Financial Management is proud to once again collaborate with Chicago-based financial literacy program Climb to Safety for Financial Literacy Month.

Five Things to Consider Before Filing Your Taxes

Forum's David McClellan discusses five things to check before you file your taxes. Your accountant may not proactively ask you these questions, so be sure to ask them.

Forum + Tails for Life: Introducing Oscar

We are pleased to introduce Forum’s service pup, Oscar. As a result of Forum’s successful 2017 “Sponsor a Pup” campaign, Forum is co-sponsoring training for this Tails for Life service dog.