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High-Level View of Recent Market Volatility

We are reminded that stock prices can and will fluctuate but this alone should not stipulate a change in course.

RIA Intel Features Forum: “The RIA Behind Dimensional Fund Advisors’ Fastest-Ever $1 Billion”

RIA Intel with the story of how Forum collaborated with Dimensional in the design and launch of the DFA Global Core Plus Fixed Income Portfolio (DGCFX), which is “the fastest-ever DFA fixed-income fund to accumulate $1 billion.”

Juan Ros Named Wealth Advisor of the Year in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal 2019 Trusted Advisors Awards

Forum Advisor Juan Ros received the Wealth Advisor of the Year award in the category of client services from the San Fernando Valley Business Journal as one of several recipients of its 2019 Trusted Advisors Awards.

The Stages of Estate Planning From Your 20s to Your 80s (and Beyond)

Forum Advisor Juan Ros discusses the importance of estate planning and where proper estate planning plays a role within each stage of life.

Moving Forward With Your Financial Plans

In the spirit of answering a few questions that might be on your mind, we address the following relevant topics from the second quarter.

Forum Appears in the Top 100 on the 2019 Financial Advisor RIA Ranking

Forum Financial Management, LP appears in the Top 100 on the 2019 Financial Advisor RIA Ranking.

Forum Named to the 2019 Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers

Forum Financial Management has been named to the 2019 Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers. Forum was selected as one of 19 firms in Illinois to appear in the sixth edition of the FT 300 list.

Nirav Batavia Featured on Edmit on Saving for Retirement vs. Saving for a Child’s Higher Education

Forum co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia was featured on Edmit on June 14. In “Saving for Your Retirement vs. Saving for Your Child’s Higher Education: How a Financial Advisor Views the Choice,” Nirav presents three questions to help parents decide whether and how much to save toward their children’s education.

Keep It Simple: Separate Personal and Business Finances

Of the many good reasons to separate personal and business finances, there are three vital benefits worth the investment of time and effort.

Featured Article: What College Could Cost for the Class of 2040

In a May 3 Barron’s article, Nick Ducoff, co-founder of the college counseling service Edmit, contemplates what college could cost in 2036 by considering different perspectives from that of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Forum’s co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia.

Regarding Relationships: Conversations or Connections

Consider the three best conversations you had last week. Perhaps they were with family members, friends visiting from out of town or the barista at your favorite coffee shop. It is likely that these moments rise above the routine online interactions that briefly held your attention the rest of the week.

Forum co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia Discusses Market Risks on TD Ameritrade Network

Forum co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia was featured on “Market On Close” on TD Ameritrade Network on March 15.

Building Up Your Emergency Savings Fund

It is important to have savings set aside in case of a financial emergency. Forum Advisor Michael Kennedy discusses why saving now can make a big difference later.

Juan Ros Discusses When to Seek Help Preparing Your Tax Return in the Ventura County Star

Forum Advisor Juan Ros was featured in a February 8 article on what individuals should consider for the 2019 filing period in the Ventura County Star, part of the USA Today Network.

Mailbox Money: Think Carefully Before Investing in Rental Property

Before investing in rental properties, be sure to consider the economics and risks in detail. Forum’s David McClellan reviews the pros and cons of having rental properties that generate “mailbox money.”

Vantage Point Advisors Joins Forum

Vantage Point Advisors has joined Forum. With more than 30 years of experience in finance, Vantage Point CEO Barbara Ray, CPA, PFS joins Forum’s partner group.

Lamia Financial Group Joins Forum

Lamia Financial Group, a wealth management firm located in Thousand Oaks, California, has joined Forum. Christopher Lamia, CFP®, founder of Lamia Financial, is now a partner with Forum.

Staying Invested for the Long Term

Investing for the long term is often compared to running a marathon. Disciplined runners do not abandon the course after a single bad stretch just as so many investors have achieved their financial goals by being globally diversified despite short-term fluctuations.

Spirit of Giving: Four Organizations That Strengthen Our Community

Forum is proud to support the following organizations. Their commitment to helping others strengthens our community.

Contribution Limit Increases for Retirement Plans in 2019

The IRS has announced cost-of-living adjustments that will raise the limits on contributions that individuals are permitted to make to qualified retirement plans. In this article, Forum Advisor Vince Nardi highlights various contribution limit increases and traditional IRA income cutoffs for 2019.

Forum co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia Discusses Market Volatility and Brexit on TD Ameritrade Network

Forum co-Managing Partner Nirav Batavia was featured on “Market On Close” on TD Ameritrade Network on November 14.

Diversification: Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice

The benefits of diversification are clear. However, when we are living through years when diversification feels bad, it is much harder to remember to focus on the big picture and resist the temptation to try something different. Diversification and discipline are easy in theory, difficult in practice.

Meghan Nolan Obtains Her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certification

Forum Advisor Meghan Nolan has obtained the distinguished CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification.

Realistically Navigating Youth Travel Sports for Families

Devoting time and money to youth travel sports is a sacrifice where short-term and long-term trade-offs are made. Forum Advisor Nicole Campbell offers her insights on how to realistically navigate youth travel sports.