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Spirit of Giving: Forum Supports Climb to Safety

Forum supports Climb to Safety and its mission to teach financial literacy to elementary school students in the greater Chicago area.

Spirit of Giving: Forum Supports Lurie Children’s Foundation

Forum supports Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and Lurie Children’s Foundation in their mission be a leader in pediatric research, education and advocacy.

Spirit of Giving: Forum Supports DuPagePads

Forum supports DuPagePads and their efforts to end homelessness in DuPage County, Illinois. 

Daniel Drallmeier Obtains His CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certification

Forum Advisor Daniel Drallmeier has obtained the distinguished CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification.

Norm Mindel Featured in Lifehacker Article on Why Bitcoin Might Be a Risky Investment

Forum Partner Norm Mindel was featured in the December 5 Lifehacker article “Bitcoin Is Not a Good Way to Get Started With Investing.”

Ask the Coach: What Parents Should Know About Obtaining College Athletic Scholarships

The athletic college scholarship world is an exceedingly large and complex world, and it is constantly evolving. In the second article in his four-part series, A. Andrew “Andy” Marwede covers why asking the coach is key in the athletic scholarship process. 

Timing Just Might Be Everything: What Parents Should Know About Obtaining College Athletic Scholarships

The athletic college scholarship world is an exceedingly large and complex world, and it is constantly evolving. In the first article in his four-part series, A. Andrew “Andy” Marwede covers why timing is key in the athletic scholarship process.

Market Summary: Considering the Benefits of Diversification

Throughout 2017, U.S. stock prices have continued to climb higher. For many investors, the stock market’s surge has become cause for concern, leading some to worry there could soon be a significant market downturn.

Richard Thaler Wins the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

Richard Thaler, who teaches at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, was awarded the 2017 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his research into how human behavior affects financial decision making.

Dementia: How It May Affect a Wealth Plan and the Importance of Power of Attorney

Forum advisor Christopher Genzler discusses how dementia can affect wealth planning and the importance of power of attorney.

Forum Supports Tails for Life

Forum is proud to support Tails for Life, a charitable organization which trains service dogs to assist people with disabilities.

Location, Location, Location: Where Do You Want to Live When You Retire?

The question of where to live represents one of the most important decisions retirees can make because where they live ultimately influences how they live. The answer to this question may initially be fueled by financial considerations, but choosing a location is not just about cost of living. 

Gerard O’Reilly Appointed co-CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors

Last week, Dimensional Fund Advisors announced that Gerard O’Reilly, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Research, has been appointed co-CEO to lead the organization with current co-CEO Dave Butler. Eduardo Repetto, who has served with Dimensional for more than 15 years in various roles including serving as co-CEO since 2010, will leave Dimensional in September.

Forum Financial Management would like to share the following personal insights and words of congratulations.

Jonathan Rogers, Co-Managing Partner of Forum Financial Management, Debuts on Forbes With Article on Separately Managed Accounts

The first Forbes article from Jonathan Rogers, co-managing partner for Forum Financial Management and a contributor of the Forbes Finance Council, discusses separately managed accounts. 



Five Reasons Why Women Don’t Talk About Money and What They Can Do About It

These days, we discuss and post almost everything — from what we had for dinner to recent medical exam results. Social media and blogs invite us to share intimate details. So, why do some women hesitate to have conversations about money?

The Third-Longest Economic Expansion in U.S. History

Now that we are in the third-longest economic expansion, people have begun to ask questions about how much longer it can last. Should we be concerned about a looming recession, or will we see the economy break another expansion record?

A Conversation with Dave Butler and Norm Mindel: “Someone in Your Corner"

Dave Butler and Norm Mindel discuss the big difference between robo-advisors and living, breathing financial advisors. 

Tuition Doesn’t Grow on Trees: Tips for Parents on Saving for College

David McClellan discusses saving for a child's college education and suggests that parents start with understanding how their college savings goal stacks up to reality. 

Protecting Tomorrows With Mary Anne Ehlert: Focus on Caregivers

In this ongoing series, we feature comments from Forum partner Mary Anne Ehlert, a highly regarded specialist working with families of individuals with disabilities. In this Q&A, Mary Anne highlights common issues for caregivers who are caring for a loved one with special needs. Professional Woman Publishing will publish Mary Anne’s book on caregivers in early 2018. 

Ready for Retirement? Planning Looks Very Different After Age 50

In this Q&A, Forum Advisor John Vires discusses the distinct planning challenges and opportunities for investors in their 50s who are starting to worry if they have saved enough for retirement and what they should be doing now to secure their future.

Nicole Campbell Obtains Her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certification

Forum Advisor Nicole Campbell has obtained the distinguished CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. Nicole completed the CFP® certification process in April.

The Positive Impact of Student Financial Literacy Transcends the Classroom

To recognize Financial Literacy Month, Forum spoke to Principal Teresa Chrobak-Prince at Phoebe A. Hearst Fine Arts Magnet School. An educator with Chicago Public Schools for more than 25 years, Principal Chrobak-Prince’s leadership philosophy is based on a commitment to student-centered learning. Hearst recently attained the highest school rating reaching Level 1+.

Seeing the Benefits of Saving in a New Light

Our latest video looks at the benefits of saving in a new light. “Save the Day” was made specifically for investors who are just starting out on their financial journey by Forum Future, our program to help new investors prepare for early financial milestones and plan for long-term goals. We thought it was only fitting to share the video during Financial Literacy Month.

Ms. Poczik’s Students Know That Saving for the Future Is the Right Thing to Do

To celebrate Financial Literacy Month, we spoke with Ms. Christine Poczik, second-grade teacher at Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School. With more than 12 years teaching in Chicago Public Schools, Ms. Poczik has been working with Climb to Safety’s financial literacy program since 2015.